Outstanding results arise from sustainable tax and business structures.
Together with you we develop viable solutions for privately held assets as well as international entrepreneurs and companies based on our proven approach, which integrates management, tax and legal expertise on a consistent basis.


» Swiss company with substance

» Relocation of individuals and companies

» International corporate structuring

» Succession planning

» Set up of business

» Tax and legal consulting

» Business consulting






Relocation of individuals and companies
Corporate structuring
Tax Planning
Business Consulting



Management Consultancy
Company Foundation
Legal and Tax Consultancy




Our consultants are there to understand your situation and objectives and make sure you are presented the best opportunities whether in private practice or in-house. They will advise you through the process from the drafting of your resume and in all interview phases to negotiation of your financial package. We take a personnel approach with our candidates and some of them even became friends.




Commtact AG

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Companies to sell

Angebot Nr. Aktienkapital Liberierung Gründungsjahr Preis Zweck Verfügbarkeit Besonderes
1 CHF 200'000 CHF 200'000 2007 CHF 19'000 Facility Management; Liegenschaftennutzungen sofort  
2 CHF 20'000   2008 CHF   7'000 Autovermietung; Autoleasing; Autogarage sofort GmbH
3 CHF 100'000 CHF 100'000 1990 CHF 14'500 Immobilienverwaltung, Beteiligungen sofort  
4 CHF 100'000 CHF 50'000 2006 CHF 11'500 Softwarelösungen, Beratungen sofort  
5 CHF 500'000 CHF 500'000 2000 CHF 25'000 Treuhand, Steuerberatung


6 CHF 100'000 CHF 240'000 2008 CHF 16'500 Herstellung und Vertrieb von Präzisionsteilen sofort  
Neugründung CHF 100'000 CHF 100'000 2016 CHF 15'000 Zweck auf Wunsch sofort  

Moving to another firm individually or with your team is a decision that needs to be well thought out and carefully executed.
We know this process can be delicate and stressful. We are there to understand your needs, provide independent advice
and guide you through the selection of a new firm that fits your expectations.

Throughout the process, confidentiality is paramount.
Our relationships with international law firms and boutiques will insure direct contact with decision makers.
We will assist you in building a business plan that promotes your expertise and show your market value,
prepare for interviews and negotiate with you the terms of the financial package.